Chateau D’Oex Balloon Festival

Like most of you, I’m pretty much confined to barracks for the duration of this Coronavirus outbreak.  So I thought I’d dig into my archives to find you some interesting items to cheer you all up (and to give me something to do of course! 😊)

For the first in this series, I’ve gone back to January 2006 and 2008, when I visited the Chateau D’Oex Balloon Festival.  As you will see below, the balloons on display are many and varied, with some incredible designs.  The colours are so vibrant, especially in what was bright sunshine, I just had to take a lot of photographs.

Stay safe and healthy.  And a big THANK YOU to all those who are working tirelessly to keep the rest of us alive and well.

17 thoughts on “Chateau D’Oex Balloon Festival

    • Well, yes, we are allowed ‘out’ as it were, though the 65 and overs are being encouraged to stay at home. (In Ticino they are banned from going out at all!) I would go for a walk but the underfoot conditions are still a little snowy. E.g. I tried to go up to Lac d’Arbey yesterday but it was too icy, (after -5 overnight). So, it’ll be another 3 or 4 weeks before I can get to anywhere interesting shall we say. I would go down the valley, but that would put me nearer to civilisation… So my wife and I are staying put for now. I hope all is well with you and yours.


  1. Very uplifting images Mike! Fantastic creations created by man, some really fun.
    Here in Malta we are still allowed to go out but most people are staying home. All non-essential shops are closed and so are all restaurants, cafés, bars and schools. The streets are almost empty but I take my daily walks with my dog along the sea and try to keep a positive mind. The weather is terrible right now so it’s not a pleasure to go out anyway. Take care!

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  3. Fantastic. We visited friends in Chateau D’Oex in October 2018. No snow of course, but we did see a few balloons taking off. I definitely want to visit the festival at some point.

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    • Hi Jerry. Yes, I just had a quick browse of your website(s) and noticed you’d been to Switzerland (and Tenby, plus a few other UK locations). Some excellent images, if I might say so! Those mountains across the lake (to the left of your boat picture) are called the Dents du Midi. My daughter and I went up there a few years ago now. I may post some pictures as part of my ‘archive’ series. 😊 Stay safe!

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