Mike’s Music Monday #34

We slow things down a bit this week with one of my favourite Eagles’ tracks.  I remember going to Greece (many) years ago with my mates, Martin and Ian, and everywhere we went The Eagles were wafting over the airwaves.  I’ve heard this one so many times since, that it doesn’t quite transport me back to those days, but…

This video has been viewed nearly 400 million times, so I’m thinking this song could be a favourite of quite a few people out there in Blogland…

8 thoughts on “Mike’s Music Monday #34

  1. One of the best gigs Jim and I went to was the Eagles at the MacAlpine Stadium in Huddersfield as part of their ‘Hell freezes over’ tour. They were my mum’s favourite band after the Stones and the Beatles and so when they toured again, we were able to take her to Birmingham to see them and they were great again.

    When they played Hotel California, it began with two trumpeters, playing a kind of haunting Mexican theme as a solo. We suddenly realised that this was the intro to this song. Just wonderful! They are tremendous musicians, well worth seeing if you get the chance. Thanks for the reminder! 👍

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