Mykonos, Greece

After searching the flights for a late summer/autumn beach holiday, we decided on Mykonos and it proved to be a great choice.  Although the wind blew quite strongly some days, the air and sea temperatures were perfect.

As you will see from the selection of suitably watermarked images below, Jude takes much better pictures than I do.

18 thoughts on “Mykonos, Greece

    • Yes, it’s the first time I’ve been back there, i.e. Greece, since the 1980’s. It hasn’t changed, though the food does seem much better these days (or maybe I can afford more now than back then!) Not many butterflies though mind you. I only saw 2 and they were too quick to identify or photograph. Yet, despite the snow appearing on the mountain tops, I saw one yesterday on the way into our village – a Clouded Yellow I think. I’ve never been to Berlin. I should have run the marathon there years ago (to get a PB) but never did get around to entering.

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  1. I think you complement each other really well with these photos. They show how different you look at different motifs which is interesting and gives more perspective from the place you visited. And in my opinion you both very good photographers.
    I believe Mykonos is a lovely island and wish I could go there myself.

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    • You are too kind! But you are right that my wife looks at things differently to me. Mykonos is certainly a nice place to visit, with plenty of places to explore, beautiful beaches and some excellent restaurants. The beer wasn’t bad either! 😉 I’m now preparing and looking forward to my trip to Malta in a few weeks. 😊

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  2. Lovely photos! I think you visited the island at the perfect moment as this late in the season you have fewer tourists. Thanks for sharing a bit of Greece with us! We have just come back from Athens, Skiathos and the Pilion, such lovely places! Are you planning on going to back to Greece one day?

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    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. It was certainly a nice island (my wife thought it was the best she’d been to) and I’m sure we will go back either there or another island (or 2) one day. Out of season is definitely best as you say. I hope you enjoyed your trip. 😊

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