Circular Walk from Crayke, N. Yorkshire, England

After our successful walk from Byland Abbey the day before, Ian and I were keen to get out again, despite the inclement weather.  A local landowner has created a Permissive path around the village of Crayke, which we extended a little further north (after a short stop for a coffee and a piece of cake at the excellent Dutch House – Café/Garden/Gallery) before returning to complete the route.

8 thoughts on “Circular Walk from Crayke, N. Yorkshire, England

    • You’re too kind! The skies were a little too grey for my liking. As you will have read, I’ve been away and, as Sod’s Law dictates, your book arrived the day after I left for the UK. So I’m now trying to find a suitable place to take a photo for you. 🙂


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