Inn Way to Northumberland (Day 4 of 4)

For our last day on the Inn Way, from the delightful hamlet (and pub) at Alwinton to Rothbury, the sun shone brightly all day.  It was the shortest of the 4 days, at only perhaps 13 or 14 miles, but arguably the best – and not just because of the weather.  See below, but there was a very pleasant walk across meadows and down Coquetdale, before we followed the track up and behind Rothbury, which gave magnificent views over the valley from the dizzy height of 232m or 761ft.

Overall though, I would have to say that, for the reasons described in my earlier posts, this route is not as good as the Inn Ways to the Dales or Peaks.  But I would certainly recommend a visit to the wonderful county of Northumberland. 😊

Footnote to Butterflies and Dragsters:  We saw a number of butterflies during the second part of our trip and almost all of them were Painted Ladies.  So it certainly seems to be a special year for them.  The one below was the best of my photos.

And, for UK readers, we now know where Dr Who lives (or at least has recently landed?)… 😉


13 thoughts on “Inn Way to Northumberland (Day 4 of 4)

    • Thank you for your kind comment. It was a great few days. Currently booking a walking Tour of the Wildhorn. So watch out for pics of that in September. Though I dare say there will be quite a few more walking posts before then. 🙂


    • I don’t generally keep a count and it may be unwise of me to go ‘public’ here, but it would be at least 20. As for recommendations or otherwise… The Red Lion in Alnmouth is undoubtedly the best pub there. The Sun Inn beer is over-priced, but their rooms and breakfast are good. The Ship at Low-Newton was good enough for Prince William to hold his stag do. It’s a nice pub but a bit trendy for traditionalists. 😉 If you get a chance to drink Run Hop Run, try it. We all agreed it was a very good pint. The Inn at Alwinton is in a very peaceful spot and a very friendly landlord/lady. Good food too for hungry walkers. They had my 4 most favourite puddings. It was hard to choose and I generally skip puddings. 😊

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      • Always good to know if I get to visit the area. I really like the old trad pubs without sky sports and gaming machines as long as the ale is kept well and food fresh. Can’t beat a pub lunch during a day’s butterflying!

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        • We only do ‘good’ real ale/CAMRA type pubs, tho my mate Colin (unlike the rest of us) is partial to a pint of Sam Smiths… (but I think that’s down to the price in his local. He was horrified when it went up from 1.90 to £2). Although I’m a true Yorshireman too, I have my standards! 😊

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