Northumberland Coast

In an attempt to catch up and get up to date, I’ve decided to group all my other holiday photos together.  (I say my, but I’ve included 2 of Jude’s as well – suitably credited to her).  As you will see we had some nice weather (unlike the rest of the UK at the time I understand) and we had yet another fabulous boat ride to the Farne Islands, where thousands of seabirds were nesting.

My apologies for all the bird pictures, but I know there are some keen birders out there following my posts.  If any of them/you can identify the little brown birds in pics 2 and 28 then I’d be very grateful.  I have my suspicions about the first but no idea about the second.

10 thoughts on “Northumberland Coast

    • We’re always on the look out for something ‘new’. Apparently 2 was a Chiffchaff and 28 a Linnet. It’s a gorgeous part of the UK which not many people visit (thankfully), so we love it there. It was indeed a great holiday with great weather. (The wind even added to the drama of the stormy looking seas!)

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    • Hi Jas. Glad you both liked the pics. I hope you are all well. I didn’t know Martin had been on the BBC News (though Jude did spot something on the Web). We heard about the avalanche yesterday so, you’re right, we’re keeping our fingers crossed, but it’s not looking good for some of the group. (I believe they were 90km from the nearest road).


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