Derwent Riverside walk from Hathersage, Derbyshire

It’s funny how certain places crop up again in your life.  It was only last year that Colin and I started and finished our Inn Way to the Peak District walk in Hathersage and, this week, Jude and I just happen to be staying in a small cottage on the outskirts of the village.

On Tuesday, I had a little time to spare and so decided to do a walk, which didn’t cover the same ground as Colin and I along all the ‘Edges’.  My route would take me south along the River Derwent as far as Calver, where I turned west to the ‘plague village’* of Eyam, before heading back across the moor to Hathersage.

Along the way I saw many birds, including 3 nuthatches (not captured on camera unfortunately).  But just to forewarn any slightly squeamish readers, I’ve included a series of 3 pictures below of a European Robin taking care, as it were, of a huge worm.

*In 1665 the plague hit the small town of Eyam and, led by the Reverend William Monpesson, the locals agreed to a self-imposed quarantine to stop it spreading.  At the top of the hill, I passed a well, where food and medicines were left in exchange for the villager’s money.  The coins were subsequently disinfected with vinegar.  Figures vary but around 270 villagers died, with anywhere between 83 and 430 surviving.

10 thoughts on “Derwent Riverside walk from Hathersage, Derbyshire

  1. I totally enjoyed this visit and walk through the English village, Mike. Hathersage and its surroundings are both quaint and robust, with many beautiful sights. The town of Eyam and its history of the plague is very interesting, and I loved that we got to see Mompesson’s Well. And the triumphant robin is especially cool. Lovely post and adventure, my friend, thank you.

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    • Thank you Jet. I’m glad you enjoyed my little view of the English countryside. I got lucky with that Robin as I initially thought it had a twig in it’s beak. But I took several pictures and then discovered it was a worm. (My eyesight is not good I’m afraid!) 🙂

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