65 today!

I’m not usually prone to make a big fuss about ‘key’ birthdays.  Like when I turned 50, I was on holiday in Majorca with my two daughters, Joanne and Sarah, and only they knew it was my birthday (otherwise the compere in the hotel might have had me up on stage doing something silly, which was the last thing I wanted!)  On my 60th birthday, I ran the Vienna marathon.  The idea of running a marathon when I was ‘old’ always appealed to me as a challenge, especially when I knew I would be 60 on a Sunday, so it had to be done. Again Sarah was there, but this time with my wife, Jude.

Today, I’m 65 years old and I thought it worth a mention, purely because you readers are all my friends and I think you should know.  I am writing this in advance, as I’ll be in the UK for Sarah’s wedding next week, so I’ll have no time to be blogging!  All things being equal, I will have been out for a meal last night with my brother, Steve, and his wife, Beverley, and my sister, Karen, and her partner, Paul.  Tonight I will be having a quiet meal at a local hostelry in Hathersage, near Sheffield (and a few beers no doubt) with my lovely wife, Jude. 😍

As is customary, it seems, on these occasions, I’ve dug out some old, and I mean old, photos of me as a child, plus two more ‘grown up’ pictures that I came across recently.

See if you can spot me in the group photos… (Answers at the foot of the page).

Football photo: Back row, second from right.  Rugby photo: Front right.

22 thoughts on “65 today!

  1. Congratulations Mike and thank you for sharing this lovely post. 🎂 💐 Today, 65 is no age compared to when we were children and thought about our future. I was born in 1959 and will turn 60 in July but as you wrote, “I’m only one day older than yesterday” which is so true. As long as we keep a positive mind, are healthy and enjoy life, age does not matter. Cheers!! 😁 🍾

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  2. Happy birthday, Mike! 65 is a significant birthday, but no more than all the others, really. 🙂 Hope everything you predicted for yourself today comes true, as well as maybe one or two nice surprises, and wishes for many happy returns! Also, it was fun to try and find you in the group photos. Got them both wrong, though 🙂 Too many handsome men with mustaches in the rugby photo.

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