4th Blogiversary

They say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, but where does time go?  Quite incredibly, it’s 4 years to the day since I entered the blogosphere.  It’s been an amazing journey so far and it’s certainly kept me busy during my retirement, which was one of my goals when I first started this site.  (My long suffering wife, Jude, will tell you it’s kept me too busy at times, but I do like to put my heart and soul into things!)

I’m not really into the stats, but I’m very grateful for 439 followers (11 of them via email) and especially to those who have been, shall we say, more ‘active’ with comments to let me know that I’ve not been talking to myself (something my mates will tell I’m very good at) and to give me even more motivation and inspiration to continue.    I don’t really want to single out any one individual, but Jet Eliot has been with me for all but one month of this journey and I’d like to thank her for sticking with me all this time.  She deserves a medal for her fortitude.  I would certainly recommend her website to anyone interested in Travel and Wildlife – or anyone who might like reading or writing murder mystery thrillers.  Despite being retired, I still really don’t have enough time or, if truth be known, the inclination to read books, but her Golden Gate Graveyard is a humdinger.

So, to today’s pictures… The first two below I took on Monday, the first with Jude’s SLR camera and a zoom lens from about a metre away.  The next ‘set’ were during a walk up the track/path at the back of our chalet.  I’d seen a small deer casually walking up the road earlier in the day and I hoped to find it, but it had disappeared, as only wild animals can.  Then, at the risk of making you all feel a little cold, or glad that you are where you are, some pictures I took this morning after about a foot (30 cm) of snow fell overnight.  Enjoy!

Of course, I shall be celebrating this momentous occasion in the usual way this evening.  Cheers!  🍺🍺 😋

18 thoughts on “4th Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations to 4 years in this amazing world of bloggers !! It’s great to read your story and your images are both beautiful and interesting, as they show how it looks where you are in your part of the world.

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  2. Dear Mike, my hearty congratulations on your anniversary, and humble thanks for the warm and kind mention. What I treasure about your blog and why I keep coming back is you do such a good job of sharing your side of the world. I love hearing about your life in the Alps, like in this magnificent post with the before- and after-snow photos, and the birds and sights on your mountains. Equally, I like to travel to Italy and the other places you share. I don’t see too much of Europe these days, and I just love seeing it through you. Warm thanks and smiles to you both.

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    • Thank you Jet. I feel like we’ve been through these 4 years together! I’m so glad you enjoy following my or our exploits. I’m looking to add some new peaks this year and there will certainly be at least 2 new countries visited later in the year. (I’ll not give anything away now, but the holidays are already booked). 🙂 I’m also planning a new dimension on Monday(s)… All the best to you both. I hope your settled back into your home now.

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    • Thank you Jane. Let’s hope I make it to no. 5! I’ve seen so many bloggers fall be the wayside without even a mention as to why. I think if I retired from blogging I’d announce that this would the last one or something. Anyway, I’m glad that you enjoyed the birds. We’ve had a few ‘new’ ones this spring but I’ve not captured them yet – like a greenfinch and a wagtail to name but two. We also have eagles which soar overhead but they are too far away to capture. Thanks also to you too for sticking with me and all your comments, it’s much appreciated. 🙂

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      • I love the creative outlet that blogging brings and the online friendships all over the world. I am going on 7. I had about 2 likes, 3 comments and 10 followers…most of whom were related to me. 🤣

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