Walk from La Forclaz to the Mayens de Bréona

It was more in hope than expectation that I drove the few miles to La Forclaz yesterday.  The sun has been out for the past week and, although the snow has completely gone now from our garden (at 1,400m / 4,600ft), I wasn’t sure if even the south facing slopes at 1,700m to 2,100m (5,600ft to 6,900ft) would be clear.  As it turned out, after a short stretch of snow leaving La Forclaz, the footpaths were as good as clear up to the Mayens de Bréona.  However, the descent tracks, which were mainly through the woods, were still covered in about 30cm, or a foot, of the white stuff.


6 thoughts on “Walk from La Forclaz to the Mayens de Bréona

        • I think it’s been a good year for snow but not exceptional. We missed some of the early falls which hit the east of Switzerland and Austria, but then we had 2 or 3 good snowfalls. However, the past 3 or 4 weeks have been very sunny so at the lower altitudes, it’s disappearing pretty quickly. The temperatures have not been that high, especially overnight, so at 2,000m+ the non-south facing resorts have still had some good skiing conditions. 🙂

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