Sion to Sierre bike ride

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I might have to get out my bike if I was going to get any exercise and, today, I did just that.  My road bike may need a little tlc before it’s roadworthy, so I opted for my mountain bike, even though I would be cycling on flat, smooth tarmac (at least for most of the way) alongside the river Rhone.

When I was planning the route, I noticed that there was a small lake, a monastery and a ruined chateau near Sierre, so that became my target – about 16 km (10 miles) away from where I started, after unloading my bike from the car in Sion.  Along the way I took a few short detours to capture some of the other small lakes nearby, as well as a few pictures of the Sierre golf course.   I hope you enjoy the ride… 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sion to Sierre bike ride

    • Yes, the Rhone valley looks fabulous at this time of year with the tops of the mountains all white (especially against the blue skies) and green appearing in the valley. I did wonder about that bird. (I’m certainly no expert). I was annoyed I didn’t get a better picture, as it was quite low when I stopped to take the picture. (That’s the trouble with a point and shoot, zooming in is almost impossible). We get a lot of buzzards, they are very common around Lac Léman in particular, though eagles do appear occasionally above our chalet. I guess it could be, with snow still covering 80% of the ground around here, that it decided to fly further down to the Rhone valley where things are more advanced. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

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    • Yes, it’s a fabulous place to cycle. The lake at that end was very calm, so I took advantage of the reflections. There were 3 mature ladies sitting on a bench enjoying the view until yours truly arrived. Though I didn’t take long over the photos. 🙂

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