Winter walk to Lac d’Arbey

Although I’ve walked up to this little lake many times before, I’ve never done it in winter.  I had planned to get out my snowshoes, but the lock on the storage container at the back of the chalet (which gets no sun) was frozen solid.  Anyway, it didn’t matter as plenty of people had been up there before me, although their tracks had been covered by a light dusting of snow overnight.

My apologies again for so many photos, (and for the sun spots but, hey, who’s complaining about sunshine?) but I thought it might make you feel like you’d been on the walk yourself… Enjoy! 😁


18 thoughts on “Winter walk to Lac d’Arbey

  1. Oh my, never apologize for the amount of photos. So lovely. Here in New England we have plenty of snow, scenery, mountains but nothing like this. I was reminiscing yesterday about my time in Alp-land. Your photos are bring that vividly back. Thank you!

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  2. these are more great photos, Mike. How can one complain about too many? And you’re right, the sun spots do make me feel like I’m out there! And so much nice snow! We got some here too, but it was a light dusting… nothing like that. And the cat looking out between the fence slats looks like mine back home!

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