La Luette Walk

I’ve agonised over posting pictures of this walk (from last Thursday) because ‘silly Mike’ forgot to take his camera with him and these images were taken on his phone.  After downloading them, it soon became clear that the zoom on a mobile phone does not take very good landscape images.  You all probably knew that, but I don’t use my phone very often, (even for calls), so it sort of came as a surprise how blurred and grainy they were.  However, I was very impressed by the close ups and, in particular, the quality of the first image…

I was also pleased to see one or two butterflies still around, though I suspect picture 7 will probably the last one for this year.  The weather has turned decidedly cool in the Val d’Hérens over the past week and is currently barely over the freezing point.


4 thoughts on “La Luette Walk

    • You’re too kind! Though it is amazing how good phone cameras are these days. I look back at some of my earlier Swiss photos, taken only 12 years ago on a digital and they look incredibly grainy. So I shouldn’t criticise them really. But I will try to remember my point and shoot next time. I feel lost without it!

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  1. I don’t think they are bad at all… its not like you’re entering DSLR Photographer of the year *winks* well, not yet!!!! for a quick capture i think they’re amazing! Such a beautiful place!!!!

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    • Thank you CJ. You’re right, the photos are not meant to be (and probably never will be) perfect, but I do like to show both the walks and Switzerland off at their best. I obviously picked out the best for this post (some of the others were terrible and just had to be deleted). So I will try to remember my camera next time. 🙂


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