Ovronnaz and Saillon Walks

Yesterday I took Jude’s mum, Angela, out for a drive to Ovronnaz, to catch the chairlift up to Jorasse.  From there it’s a relatively easy walk, with magnificent views all around, to the Lui d’Aout mountain hut.  (My mate Pete and I stayed there during our Tour de Muverans, so it brought back happy memories for me.  Read more about our adventure on this guest post I did for The Marmot Post). 🙂

After a picnic lunch, (see pic 7), we drove back via Saillon, where we walked the Farinet Trail up through the vineyards, following a series of 21 stained glass sculptures.  On our way, we were lucky to spot the last few vines being harvested.  A sure sign that the long hot summer in the Rhone valley must be over. 😦

2 thoughts on “Ovronnaz and Saillon Walks

    • Yes, the weather in the Valais is often fantastic in September and that can go on into October. (Though, note, a lot of the mountain huts tend to close, i.e. no guardian/guardienne, around the end of Sept – though if you’re carrying your own food, etc. a room usually remains open for passers by). There were a few ‘spare’ grapes and we spotted two people sampling some of the different types. They gave us a few Merlot grapes which were very juicy and sweet. 🙂

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