Cap Corse, Corsica

Corsica is a big rocky island in the Mediterranean – the 4th largest after Sicily, Sardina and Cyprus.  It’s a haven for anyone who likes walking or beaches or, like us, both. 😊

We spent our first 3 nights in a tiny village just west of Bastia, called Patrimonio, which must have more domaines or wineries per square mile/km than any other place on earth.  So not a bad place for wine lovers either!  😋

For our first full day on the island, we took a drive around the Cape, which sticks out like a pointed finger to the north and went for a walk along the Sentier des Douaniers from Macinaggio.  We were advised that it ‘only’ took 2.5 hours to drive around the Cape, but I can assure you that, with all the speed bumps in the villages along the east coast and the death defying drops from the winding road along the west (not to mention the odd slow driver or bus), it takes much longer.  Though that worked out to our advantage as we stopped to watch the sun go down.  A perfect end to a perfect day…

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