Hadrian’s Wall Path (Day 4 of 4)

Over the years my friends and I have done many long distance paths in the UK, such as Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, Offa’s Dyke Path and the West Highland Way to name but a few.  But this section of Hadrian’s Wall path must be the flattest and most boring we’ve ever encountered.

I shouldn’t criticise it too much as there are a few things along the way (like a café, a pub and a Nature Reserve) and the American couple who we met walking the other way thought it was fabulous – though of course they hadn’t reached the interesting bits yet.  Just check out the Route Map photos below and you will see that it simply follows the line, either in the fields to the left or to the right, of the B6318.  I rest my case.

So, if anyone out there is thinking of doing this Path then, unless you have a strong desire to complete the whole thing, then I’d simply recommend starting in Brampton and finishing at Housesteads (or vice versa).  Note however that there is very infrequent and seasonal public transport from/to Housesteads, so you may have to do what my friend Liam did and walk to (or from) the Red Lion at Newbrough.  Together with an overnight stop in Greenhead that would make a fabulous weekend, or 2 day, walk of around 23 miles, or 28 miles if you finish or start at Newbrough (where there is a regular bus service, no. X85, to/from Newcastle).

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