Hadrian’s Wall Path (Day 2 of 4)

You may have noticed a distinct lack of Wall in my pictures yesterday.  That’s because evidence of the remaining Wall doesn’t really start until around 29 miles in from the Solway Coast.  So I’ll make up for that today with quite a few images, together with a couple of information boards with artist impressions of what the original Wall might have looked like.

Our second day started in Brampton and finished at the very warm and welcoming Greenhead Hotel.  In total we covered about 15 miles, which included the 2 miles we had to walk back to the official route at Newtown and a detour of about a mile to the excellent café at Lanercost Priory.   We were very grateful that we hadn’t planned to do the walk the week before, as evidence of the recent snows was there to be seen as we headed, gradually ascending, towards the Pennines.


10 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall Path (Day 2 of 4)

    • Yes, I took quite a few of those to remind me where I was. Let’s face it, one section of Wall looks much the same as the next! 🙂 And, yes, it’s a given that we have some real ale at the end of (if not during) the walk, but to find a beer called “Ale Caesar” was a master stroke (of luck)! 🍻

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        • No worries, ale is beer and beer is ale – but it has to be ‘real’ (i.e. hand pulled and not that CO2 gassy stuff !) It turned out that the brewery called Twice Brewed (see top of pump clip) was owned by the same guy who owned the place we stayed in at the end of Day 3. I won’t spoil it… 😉

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