Cross country skiing, Evolène to Les Haudères

Our good friends Arthur and Michelle have been staying with us since last Friday.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great over the weekend.  We did go out for a walk on Sunday, but my pictures were so grey, I didn’t think they were worth publishing.  However, yesterday the sun came out with avengeance, so we decided to go cross country skiing up to Les Haudères and back.

If you’ve never tried it, you should.  ‘Traditional’ is relatively easy to do being, at its simplest, just a walk on skis.  It can be a bit more complicated than that obviously and a good balance is required for any slightly downhill stretches, where you slide along in the grooves.   The ‘Skating’ technique is very much more demanding, though those Olympians make it look far too easy!


8 thoughts on “Cross country skiing, Evolène to Les Haudères

  1. very nice Mikey…hope you are doing well…judging by the pics, looks like you are having a great time…have never tried cross-country skiing, looks like a fun way to explore outdoors in the winter!


    • I’m fine thanks. I hope all had a great holiday.
      Yes, it is great fun. You should try it if you get half a chance. I had grand designs on using it as a way of training last year, but the snow never really came long enough. I think the piste here was only open for 2 weeks! I have no excuses this year, other than I’m not very good at it! So I hope to get back to running, no jogging, very soon. 🙂


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