York (England) – City Walls

When I lived in York, my lunchtime running pals and I used to regularly run around the old Roman Walls, now in 3 separate sections, which circumnavigate the City centre.  We would leap off some of the steps which were 4 or 5 high and unsuspecting visitors would pin themselves to the walls as we came careering through.  (I should add that no women or children were hurt in this process and that dogs are not allowed on the Walls.  We’d also generally do it in winter when there were very few visitors).  Pete managed to get us and the route featured in the UK “Running” magazine as “Our Favourite Run”.

So, when I was back in the UK last week, Pete, Colin and I re-lived old times by walking along the route – all the way from and to the start and finish outside the Rowntree’s (now Nestlé) chocolate factory and offices where we worked.   The first picture below was taken 21 years ago (almost to the day), with our mate Tim.  I should also point out that the “Bars” in some of these pictures are “Gateways” into the City, unlike the one in the Maltings, which is one of the best pubs in York and where we stopped for lunch. 🙂  Cheers! 🍻

10 thoughts on “York (England) – City Walls

  1. York is fab isn’t it? I visited recently, but didn’t do any running, focusing instead on bars and shops! It did occur to me though that it would be a lovely place for some early morning running! I looked at the marathon route there to see if it would inspire me, but it seems to just start and finish in the city, but I would contemplate doing the half there as it’s a nice place to visit with the family.

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