Australia – Great Ocean Road Trip

About a week into my holiday, I lost my camera. 😪  It was my own fault, I put it down  somewhere and when I realised I hadn’t got it, about 20 minutes later, I ran back, but it was gone.  We reported it missing, but it never turned up.  So, I lost all my pictures of Melbourne Zoo (including some fantastic butterflies), Mornington and our Great Ocean Road trip.  Luckily, my daughter, Joanne, had taken her camera along, so we have her to thank for the images below.  A big thank you too goes to Aaron, her partner, who drove us all the way to the Apostles and the Loch Ard Gorge before driving all the way back to Melbourne.

En route we stopped off at Bells Beach, Aireys Inlet, the Erskine Falls and Kennet River (Grey River Road) for some wild Koala spotting.

In case you are wondering how I’ve managed to produce 2 posts already – read on…

While wandering around the Botanic Gardens, my (now lost) camera suddenly stopped taking pictures.  I noticed this when I went to review an image and the the camera simply said “No images to display”.  It appeared to take pictures, but nothing was written to the SD card.  I’m not sure what happened but, fortunately, I managed to recover all the pictures I’d taken up to the last one shown yesterday, by downloading them to Aaron’s laptop, formatting the SD card, then starting all over again.  So, luckily, those images were still on his laptop.  The rest, as they say, are history!

You may be pleased to read that I purchased another camera for the remainder of my holiday… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Australia – Great Ocean Road Trip

    • Many thanks for your comments. Yes, it’s not the camera that matters, but the photos on it. I guess i was lucky that the ones that got away were not as important as the ones my daughter had also taken. And, as you’ll read later today, I went back to one venue to retake some pictures… 🙂


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