Alpage de l’Etoile (Walk 17) via La Niva

Another blue sky day, another walk… 🙂  And, again, a walk that I’ve not done for two years, the last time being in August 2015.  But this time, I decided to extend it slightly by going via the Mayens de la Niva, which is a small cluster of wooden chalets, perched part way up the slope opposite our chalet.  Summer and holiday residents have long gone, so it was an extremely peaceful place to take in the maginificent views across the valley, which included a peek at the Matterhorn, (see pic 14).

However, before you all hop on a plane or train to take advantage of this beautiful weather, be warned that we have snow forecast for tomorrow and/or Monday, but things do brighten up again after that! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Alpage de l’Etoile (Walk 17) via La Niva

    • Yes, it was a fabulous day – indeed the whole week (while Sarah, Karl and Karen were here) has been completely cloudless. Until today of course, where we have snow down to 2,000m (think Roc Vieux – half way up the Veisivis) and more expected tonight… But then it comes out warm again. 🙂


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