Pointe du Tsaté Walk

It’s almost 2 years since I did this walk – up to the Pointe du Tsaté at 3,078 metres (or 10,078 ft) from La Forclaz (VS) at around 1800 metres (or 5,900 feet).  The last time, I had to negotiate some early season snow towards the top, but not on Sunday… Indeed, dehydration and sunburn were more of a concern under the blazing sun!  The 360 degree view from the top is simply amazing (even I had a little ‘wow’ moment to myself as I crested the ridge), with more peaks than I could name on the horizon and the impossibly blue Lac de Moiry way down below in the adjoining valley. (See pic 10).

As Sarah, Karl and I set off from the top, we noticed some parascenders preparing to take off, so I paused to take some pics…  The conditions must have been ideal, as they soon soared, effortlessly, high up into the air.  There were also a few flowers and one or two butterflies, still clinging on to the last of this Indian summer.

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