Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales (4 of 4)

Although we had followed the official route (as best we could/wanted to anyway), Day 4 was always up for debate as to which route to take back to our start in West Burton.  I’d planned a long route (if the weather was fine), but the forecast was for rain at 11am,.  So our revised plan was to take the more or less direct route across, calling in at (the pub, obviously, at) Thoralby, before deciding whether to detour to Aysgarth Falls.

We set off with dark clouds to the south, but blue skies to the north.  The latter was the direction in which we were heading, so we kept our fingers crossed.  All went well until just before Thoralby, when the heavens opened.  Worse still, the pub was closed at lunchtimes, so “Enjoyment, not Endurance” kicked in again and we went straight to West Burton.  As soon as we arrived, the skies cleared and the sun came out!

A very friendly man outside the pub (see last pic) advised that there was a waterfall at the end of the village.  So, after a few photos there, we took the footpath up the hill and around the village, back to where we’d started on Day 1 – a lap of honour if you like!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these few days in the Dales.  At least you’ve stayed dry while taking in the views!  But then, Colin and I had the beers! 🙂  Cheers! 🍺🍺

6 thoughts on “Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales (4 of 4)

    • I hadn’t noticed the lack of trees on the moors, but you’re right – though it’s most likely due to the poor, boggy, soil conditions. After the rain, there was water running everywhere, so the watefalls were really flowing.


      • Yes it must be quite a nice immediate effect after rain, I can almost smell the rain in your pictures. You’ll find trees on moors all the same. I’m thinking of Finland here, there are trees all over the moors, they are used to the conditions. We have similar situations in regard to the loss of woods, trees in Germany, which now build a new landscape of their own called ‘Heide’.

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