The Wild Beasts

No, this is not a post about a trek into the jungle…  It’s about a last minute decision to go to see a band while I was back in my ‘home’ town of Hull (the UK City of Culture 2017).  My niece, Jen, has been a fan of the Wild Beasts for over 10 years and she managed to get her mum (my sister) and me tickets.  Well, you’re only young once!

A great night was had by all – especially Alastair, who simply adores music (even more than splashing in water – if you recall his holiday in Switzerland).  The pictures are a little grainy and blurred, but that’s not surprising given the light conditions.   The last picture is very unusual, not just because it’s a telephone box inside a pub, but because it’s red.  As all the telephone boxes in the Hull area are a sort of creamy white, due to the service being independent from the UK network.

Here’s an example of what the band sound like



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