Tour des Muverans

I’ve just returned from a week in the UK, visiting my family and doing a 4 day walk with my mate Colin, but before I post some pictures of that…  I’d like to tell you about a guest post that I did for The Marmot Post.

As well as recounting her own tales of hikes or treks in the Alps, the UK and the Drakensbergs (South Africa), Marketa invites people to contribute.  Of course, when she contacted me, I felt honoured and delighted to help.  So I dug out some photos of a 3 day walk that I did with my good friend, Pete, back in September 2014.  This was before I started blogging, so, as a sort of ‘blast from the past’, you can read all about this amazing circular walk via this link (or the one above). 🙂

As I always like to post a picture or (thirty) two and to whet your appetite, here is one of Pete and I outside the Cabane Rambert – with the Dent Blanche and the Matterhorn to the left and the Grand Combin to the right on the horizon.

Me and Pete

6 thoughts on “Tour des Muverans

    • You’re welcome. I almost put a few more in their (e.g. of the two of drinking beer at the finish, or of me at the 2nd cabane), but I resisted! I don’t mind posting the odd picture of me in a series, but the mountains, flowers and butterflies are much more beautiful!

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