Bugs, butterflies, a rose and a bird

I’ve just been round to water my neighbours’ plants and I noticed that they have a rather beautiful rose blooming.  I thought this was worth a post in itself, but on the way to photograph it, I noticed several bugs and butterflies and a nice carving, perched on his balcony… 🙂


8 thoughts on “Bugs, butterflies, a rose and a bird

  1. My husband wants a rose garden. I think they are a bit old fashioned. (There will be further discussions on the topic). But your rose is pretty. Food for thought!


    • Many thanks for your comment Jet – it’s good to know the images are appreciated. 🙂 Also I’d originally posted the Chalkhill Blue as an Adonis Blue, but then I re-checked online and decided I must be wrong, so I changed the captions. The Blues in particular are so hard to identify. Though I have now managed to contact a few experts who have sent me some very useful links, (though they only cover Europe I’m afraid).

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    • Well, it has been another nice week of sunshine… 🙂 So much so that the farmers have been doing a second cut of the grass, to make hay for the cows in winter. But how long will it last I wonder…? We’ll have to wait and see.


  2. Great pics Mikey…and those butterflies look real to me 🙂 Just having a laugh and checking in to say hello and see how you’re doing. Trying to keep up in the blogging world…my back injury has returned and got me down a bit so I tend not to have much motivation to write when I can’t train, but I’m trying…Cheers mate!


    • Thanks Jamesie, it’s nice to hear from you. Sorry to read about your back though, that must be a real downer (though as you say, it’s the blogging world’s gain!) I hope it improves so that you can get back to full fitness. I went for my first run in weeks (seems like months) earlier this week. My last run ended up with a sore hip, so I’ve been playing it safe by not running at all! For the most part, the weather has been too warm anyway. I’m heading to the UK today, to see my family and to do the Inn Way to the Dales with a friend of mine (from Sunday to Wednesday). So watch out for some posts later next week. (I’ll take some pics of the beer – just for you!) 🙂 Cheers buddy.


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