Monte Moro Pass

Last Friday was another beautiful day in the Saas valley, so I made another attempt to walk up to the end of the valley and look into Italy – but, (unlike on the Tuesday), this time to the Monte Moro Pass.  The distant ridge was completely clear when I arrived at Mattmark, but 2 hours later, when I reached the pass, the clouds were coming and going.  So I never did get to see Monte Rosa (or Dufourspitze).  At 4,634m (15,203 ft) it lies between Italy and Switzerland and is the second highest mountain in the Alps and western Europe (after Mont Blanc of course).

There were, however, lots of excitable and rather noisy Italians at the top and some mountain bikers, who had decided to pop over to Switzerland for the day.  They passed me going down some very steep rocks (carrying their bikes), so I have no action shots of them cycling down the descent I’m afraid.

This is the last in this “Saas” series.  Normal Val d’Hérens service will be resumed in the next few days, (when it stops raining!)



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