Plattjen to Gletschergrotte and Saas Fee

Sometimes I wish I could add sound to some of my photos, to bring you the full effect of the moment or scene.  (OK, I guess I could do a video, but…)  This applies here as, for this walk, I had to cross a raging torrent of meltwater, which was already overflowing the bridge. (See pics 7-9).  As you will see, the huge volume of water cascading down was just missing the bridge.  The incredible noise as it rumbled and crashed down the valley made it quite scary to cross.

It had been a warm week, but it also shows how much the glaciers must be melting.  The stream next to our campsite was but a trickle in the morning (after some very cold nights) but by the afternoon, it was also running very fast and deep.


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