Kapellenweg and Langflue marmots

Day 2 saw us take the Kapellenweg, or Chapel Trail, up to Saas Fee.  The route has 15 small chapels, each depicting a scene from the Bible.   Just below Saas Fee, there is the much larger pilgrimage Chapel of Mercy called St Mary of the High Steps (Maria zur Hohen Stiege), which was originally built in 1687, but extended with an Italianate portico in 1747.

From Saas Fee we took the gondola and telecabine lifts up to the Langflue mountain hut/restaurant at 2,869m or 9,413 ft.  Given it’s position overlooking the valley and Fee glacier, it’s not surprising that the views are simply stunning.  But the best part for us was spotting a group of young marmots playing in the rocks.  (How they survive at that altitude, I’ll never know).  Their parents must have been fast asleep, as they played happily only a few metres away from our feet.  My apologies for posting so many pictures of them, but it’s not often you get that close and they are such cute creatures!




2 thoughts on “Kapellenweg and Langflue marmots

    • Yes, they are very hard to spot, even when you know they are around. At the top of the lift, they were selling bags of marmot food, so I guess many of them have become accustomed to humans up there. Certainly they would be safe from any aerial predators with all us humans around. Judith mentioned that she saw one guy trying to take photos and was struggling to see them, and two were standing right behind him! 🙂

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