Mont de l’Etoile

Ian’s week had been preparing him for this.  As soon as he arrived, he said he wanted to go up to the Col de Tsarmine (which we can see from our chalet) but I told him that there was a much more interesting challenge waiting for him just around the corner – up to the top of Mont de l’Etoile at 3,370m, or a little over 11,000 ft.  So, our ‘acclimatisation’ walks this week were simply preparing him for this – the BIG one…!

And, for someone who normally lives their life at sea level (less according to his bike’s GPS!?!) he, literally, took it all in his stride.

8 thoughts on “Mont de l’Etoile

  1. What an amazing turquoise pool! And some scary looking ridges! The best thing is that you have made time to live there and explore, good for you!


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