Thyon Ridge Walk (or Bike)

Today Ian, Karen and I set off to do one of my favourite walks along the ridge above Thyon.  The clouds got higher and higher as we walked, but they stubbornly clung to the tops of the highest peaks in the distance – like Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

During our ascent we spotted a young Cuckoo being fed by it’s adopted parent (sorry, no photos I’m afraid) and at the top of Mont Rouge (@2,491m or 8,170 ft) we met some mountain bikers, who had biked and hiked to the top, had lunch and then set off at great speed (and with admirable skill I might add) along the ridge path (see pics 12-15 below*).

*If any of that group would like to see/have some more photos, then please contact me via email on


9 thoughts on “Thyon Ridge Walk (or Bike)

    • Yes, they seemed a pretty hard core bunch (of Brits) over on holiday. Though one of their number had managed to break his collar bone, so he was in hospital! Quite a few bikers passed us – it may have been due to some of the ski lifts running. We certainly didn’t get any where we went today… 🙂

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