Bugs and bird update

Two weeks ago I posted some photos of some little creatures, the names of which I could not find.  Well, firstly, I am reliably informed that the little bird (shown again below) was a Western Bonelli’s Warbler.  (The birder, who identified it, had never seen one, so he was quite jealous).

Western Bonelli's Warbler

And, secondly, while I was back in the UK, I found a Collins gem book on Insects.  So I can now reveal these three with their correct names:

As a bonus, since I forgot to include this one, here is a rather splendid looking and aptly named Bee Beetle:

Bee Beetle

7 thoughts on “Bugs and bird update

    • Thank you Jet. I’d never seen one of those Bee Beetles before, so I thought it was quite a find. (Though I think they are quite common). But now I have my insect book, I’ll be looking more closely at the various plants by the side of the path. 🙂
      P.S. I’ve still not started chapter 2 – sorry! 😦


      • I hope you enjoy the insect book, Mike, and put away the mystery–it’s definitely not your cup of tea, and that is really fine. Happy hiking and exploring, may new beetles always come your way.


        • Rest assured it’s not your book that’s the issue, it’s just books in general that I never pick up to read – well, novels anyway. Reference books and maps are my usual port of call. It will definitely be read, I just can’t say when…! 🙂


        • Perhaps you could just let me know when you have read it, and not all the times you haven’t. We authors like to get the positive feedback, I hope you understand, Mike. And if you never read it, that is perfectly fine, I completely understand, fiction is not for everyone. Cheers~~

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    • I guess I’m the same. But I’m also a bit of a perfectionist and not knowing what they are really annoys me. (I could have discovered something new and not know!) I also like to educate and inform of course. 🙂 I hope Jamesie is well on the mend. Enjoy your weekend.

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