4 thoughts on “21 Time for lunch…

  1. Rumour has it that Pete took a splendid photo of you swanning about in the ripening barley.
    I’ve looked and looked, but no, it’s not on show – now where oh where can it be?
    Doesn’t Horsedale look amazing? One of our favourite spots on our Sunday toddles.


    • Hi Liam, I’ll have to send you the photo separately – and then you’ll realise why I never posted it! Did Pete also mention how he pushed me to the limit and, if it wasn’t for my trusty camera, I would never have had a chance to stop and walk! I guess he must do the same to you each Sunday.


  2. Managed to slow him down yesterday. I tweaked my left thigh again and couldn’t even jog on it without pain and risk of further damage and long term layoff. So we walked. Went off-piste from Millington Heights down through the woods to the pastures. Lovely sunny and warm Sunday morning toddle, followed by tea and teacakes.


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