Walk to No Name Lake

I discovered this walk while browsing through some walking books in the local bookshop.  The picture of the lake, with the mountains reflected, looked superb, so I set off from Arolla, hoping to replicate it.   Unfortunately, the snow at 2,900m (9,500 ft) had not melted away sufficiently, so I will have to return later in the summer.

In keeping with the “No name” idea, I’ve decided not to give titles to these images and let them speak for themselves… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Walk to No Name Lake

  1. What a spectacular gallery Mikey…awesome! I’ve got some catching up to do so hope you are doing well my friend…love reading your summer hiking reports…cheers!


    • Yes, it was a new walk for me, though over familiar territory… It’s normally the Arolla ski slope. So, after ascending via the ‘semi-direct’ route, I came down the way we would normally ski (along a red/blue run). The snow makes it look very dramatic! I’m glad you enjoy the pics. I hope your back is on the mend and you are managing to get out for a run. (I’ve only been out once now, which was 4 miles last week, since Zurich!)

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