I guess it was inevitable that we would travel to the Butt of Lewis at the very north of the Outer Hebrides – partly because it has to be done and partly because Judith wanted to see the Lighthouse.  (You may have noticed that I  always have a lot of lighthouse pictures in my posts when we’re away on holiday).

On the day we drove up, it was THE most foul day on Harris with not just rain, but the wind howling around.  We had to feel sorry for the poor cyclists who were pushing their bicycles up the steep road that leads out of Tarbert, into the teeth of the gale.  To give you a flavour of how bad it was, the wind was taking the water in the loch about 30 feet (10 metres) into the air.  I’ve never seen anything like it !

Thankfully it either subsided, or the weather was better in the north of the island, but we had a great day exploring Stornoway, the Port of Ness, some traditional cottages at Blackhouses and the lighthouse of course! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lewis

  1. I love the highlands of Scotland, although I have not visited many of the islands. I love the beautiful (empty!) beaches. In my experience you often get lots of sunshine too – although it isn’t necessarily warm! Your photographs capture it perfectly!


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