North Uist and Berneray

I think it’s fair to say that Judith and I had a bit of a beach holiday, but not in the normal sense… 😉

Again, we didn’t spend enough time on North Uist and Berneray, which lies to the north, to do them both justice, as we were only there for 2 full days, but we did find some amazing places.  To the far west there is an RSPB (bird) reserve at Balranald, where you will find several species of mainly wading birds, as well as the occasional ‘flock’ of bird watchers.   A list in the Visitor centre indicated that over 40 different birds had been spotted in May alone (and we were there on the 11th!)

I don’t have a copy to show you, but the warden had managed to take a very sharp picture of an Iceland Gull with his mobile phone, through his telescope!  The wonders of modern technology!

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