Swiss Holiday Video

At least one of my loyal followers has noticed my absence recently (well done, Paula!)   Judith and I are away on what has now become our annual UK road trip, gathering photos for me to post in the coming weeks.  I’ll not give too much away but stay tuned for some glorious beaches…

In the meantime, I thought I’d post this video, which was created by my niece, Jennifer, of their time staying with us in Switzerland.  It’s exactly a month ago now since I posted some pictures, but this tells the story of their holiday much better I think.  Enjoy!

Switzerland 2017 starring, Alastair, Adam, Karen, Jennifer, Judith and yours truly…!

13 thoughts on “Swiss Holiday Video

    • Thanks Tammy. I think it’s amazing how she’s put together such a cohesive video, given the random shots they seemed to be taking during the week. Even the bit going through the tunnel looks great! (Unlike my mum’s video of the Mont Blanc tunnel which went on for over 5 minutes – just showing the inside of the tunnel!) We particularly liked Alastair’s hands playing under the water.


        • I will indeed. His mum is here for her yearly visit so we’re managing to stay quite busy. And it’s horribly hot here right now, but hopefully by this coming weekend we’ll be back to normal. Oh, nevermind… I just need to resign myself to getting up about 4 am every day and getting it done, 😭

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        • OMG – you must be sooooo dedicated (to the running I mean, not your mother-in-law, but then, maybe you are to her too! 😉 ) I’m definitely a lunchtime runner (which doesn’t help when it’s sunny!) Mornings are for sleeping, or waking up, and evenings are for beer! 🙂

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        • Oh I hear you! I haven’t yet made it up that early but I’m working on it. It’s the only way to beat the heat, and I refuse to fail at the marathon, soooo… but yes, I’d much rather laze around with a cup of tea in the morning and wake up slowly, 😁


        • Let’s hope for a cool summer then, or you’ll not be sleeping too well. But, as I said to Jamesie (I think): ‘Marathon training is all about time on your legs’. Long runs or walks or just pottering about, it makes little difference in terms of building up your stamina. 🙂
          P.S. It seems I missed Billy Ocean in Shrewsbury last night (some 80’s event) – When the going gets tough, the tough… etc. Fabulous! Remember that for mile 19… and 20… and 21… You get the picture. 🙂

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