Having a Splashing Time…

Honestly, grown-ups, you never know what they are going to do next…  While I tootled along quietly in my buggy, my dad, mum and Mike were riding around like schoolkids on a mountain bike!   After we’d stopped for a picnic by the river, (Auntie Judith’s home-made sausage rolls are just soooo delicious), we carried on to Les Haudères.  Here was the highlight of the day for me, as I was allowed to play in a water trough.  🙂  ‘Angels’ love water and I couldn’t get enough of it, even though the water was absolutely freezing.

On the way home, my dad and Mike pretended to be cows in the Arena.   You’d think they’d know better at their age.

All the best from the Val d’Hérens,

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