Ferpècle Adventure

Hi, my name’s Alastair and my mum (Jenn), dad (Adam) and nanna (Karen), have brought me on holiday to Switzerland.  The train, plane and car ride from Hull to Evolène was fun enough, but today was sensational.   Great Uncle Mike (and he is a great uncle to have) took us all to the Ferpècle valley to see the glaciers.  I settled back and enjoyed the ride in my ‘hippocampe’ before we all stopped for a picnic.   I played with a few stones on the ground while the grown-ups played their own game of stone stacking.  (I can’t see the fun in that myself, but they seemed to enjoy it).  We also saw quite a few skiers coming down from the Ferpècle glacier (see pics 3 and 4).

Many people say that children with Angelman’s syndrome can’t do exciting stuff, but I like to prove them all wrong. 🙂

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