Lake Como, Italy

I would normally publish multiple posts on this topic but, with time being limited (due to my marathon on Sunday), today you have 4 days rolled into one… 🙂

Around this time of year, my wife, Judith, and I are in the very nice habit of taking a few days holiday by the side of Lake Como.  It’s about a 4 hour drive over the Simplon Pass and this year, we stayed in Argegno.  The contrast between the Pass and the lakeside couldn’t have been greater…

We’d never been up to the northern end of the lake, so we took a boat ride to the Abbey at Piona.  The top end of the lake is obviously not as popular as the middle, because after Varenna, we had the boat to ourselves.

For our second full day we took the bus to Como town and the caught the boat back.  Clearly the Italians are not as keen on time as the Swiss, as the clocks (pictured) all showed different times.  (All three photos were taken within about 30 minutes of each other and none of them were right !)

We drove home via Mount Sighignola, which sits on the border between Italy and Switzerland.   The view of Lugano and the lake that bears its name were simply stunning.   We stopped for lunch in Bissone which, apart from being the birthplace of the architect Franceso Borromini, we discovered is on the InlovewithSwitzerland Grand Tour.

22 thoughts on “Lake Como, Italy

  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! I’m green with envy! I spent some time in Lugano and Locarno but sadly, not Lake Como. Now I want to go back. I’m laughing at Italians vs. Swiss with regard to time. It’s so notable! I remember standing on a train platform in Italy thinking : Welp. We’re not in Switzerland anymore, Toto. Best of luck with the marathon!!!! Run swiftly!


  2. Your marathon has come around really quickly! Good luck, I hope you have fun and it goes well! I’m looking forwards to hearing about it.😊


  3. Awesome post Mikey!! Love the mountains and scenery…hope you’ve had a great week and ready to go crush it Sunday…we’re cheering you all the way from Seattle. Cheers!


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