Tales of the Scales (week 12)

Well, after a disappointing week last week, my weight has plummeted to 74.4 kg.

Weight Week 12.PNG

This represents a drop of 2.2kg from the 76.6 last week and I’d like to show this graphically, but while I was updating my spreadsheet, Excel decided it was “Not Responding”.  So when asked if I wanted to restart I said Yes and then, to my horror, the file had completely disappeared.  Poouff! Gone! Disparu!  Not even the original could be found with a search of the whole laptop.  To say I was a bit miffed would be an understatement.
(Tip: If you have a crucial spreadsheet, take a back-up or another copy regularly!)

I may yet re-produce the Weight graph, as I have the few figures for that, but it also means my running log for 2017 (which I had in the same spreadsheet) has also gone.  ☹
(I have a back-up from last November, but that’s little consolation).

However, I can tell you that in terms of training for my marathon (now in 2.5 weeks time), I managed a whole 8k last week.   Thankfully my ribs are improving, to the point where I did manage a 27.5k/17 mile ‘run’ yesterday, but more of that next week.  As at the end of Week 11, I can remember that my total distance for 2017 was 116k or 72 miles).


14 thoughts on “Tales of the Scales (week 12)

  1. Well, congrats on the weight loss, but I’m so sorry about your data loss! That’s really a poor thing to happen and unfortunately, from what you’re saying, seems irrevocable. It’s just “data,” but give the care you took to collect it and what it represents, it’s a big deal and I’m sorry. I guess the only thing to do is try to rebuild what you can and backup backup backup!
    Hope the ribs heal soon. I must have missed something in your recording; how did it happen?


    • Thanks for your kind comments Dorothea. Given that I haven’t run very much in the past 12 – 16 weeks, I’ve not lost that much data. I’m not that geeky to record everything to the nth degree – I only go to the c’th degree! 🙂 It’s more annoying than anything and totally incomprehensible how the original file could have been zapped as well.
      I injured my ribs on the 3 Peaks walk – slipping on some wet grass. See this post for the full tale of my 3 disasters: https://alittlebitoutoffocus.com/2017/03/14/the-yorkshire-3-peaks-challenge-walk/

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      • Wow. I can’t believe we went from hurt ribs to marathon to fun adventures with your family since I last replied. Hopefully all systems are go, by now, and you’re able to enjoy the Spring (from what I can see, you are). Alistair (if I caught the name of your nephew correctly) looks like a pretty good kid. 🙂 must have been nice to have them all with you!


        • Yes – how time flies! Either that or I post too many items! My ribs are back to normal now thanks, though I’ve still not been out running since my marathon. My hip is still a bit sore, so I’m waiting until that recovers. And, yes, it’s fun having the family around as they are always impressed with the scenery. 🙂

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        • Yes, I’m afraid so… I have been considering doing the Zermatt marathon, or the Sierre-Zinal, (neither of which could be classed as ‘normal’ races) but not while I can’t run comfortably. So they may need to wait until next year. I hate being crocked, but at least I can walk (& cycle a bit). 🙂

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  2. Microsoft have a way of “helping” that just breaks shit…our email has been out at the office intermittently the past couple days…guess the M/S cloud got unplugged, who knows!! Great job on the weight loss, wish I could do the same. I have 5 weeks to Reno and I’d really like to lose 5lbs.


    • Thankfully I didn’t lose anything critical, or a lot of info (as I don’t do that many runs as you know!) The weight loss is no ‘secret formula’ or anything. I have a small bowl of cereals for breakfast, usually a sandwich and yoghurt for lunch and a good meal in the evening – with a glass of wine. 🙂 I’m often tempted, but I don’t eat any cakes, scones or other sweet things during the day. In between these meals, it’s mainly tea with the odd coffee in the morning. The biggest losses, like last week, were when I went out and did ‘something of substance’ 🙂 – like my 17 mile run. So with all the miles that you do, you should be as thin as a rake!


  3. Technology is great when it works and infuriating when it doesn’t! Congratulations on having the willpower to lose weight and also train for a marathon – very impressive. 5km on the treadmill is about as much as I can manage! Good luck for the event. I’ll look out for you sprinting past me on Harris!


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