Tales of the Scales (Week 10)

I may have mentioned this before, but the 2 things I miss most in Switzerland are hand-pulled real ales and bacon.  So it was no surprise that, having gone back to the UK last weekend, my consumption of same went up and my weight didn’t go down as much as I would have liked.  Indeed, after several delicious home cooked meals (thanks Angela and Jennifer) and at least 3 pub meals, I’m surprised it went down at all!  This week I lost a whole 0.1kg !  So I’m now where I should have been last week.

Weight Week 10

As a result, my graph is red.  😦   So I will be re-doubling my efforts, with a 13 mile run planned for tomorrow and a 24 mile walk, back in the UK, over the Yorkshire 3 Peaks at the weekend.  (OK,  that might involve some more beer, but I think I’ll deserve it.  Pictures of the ‘event’ will be posted next week 🙂 ).

Weight graph, Week 10

As for my marathon training, I had a good run last week.  I increased the distance of my  long run (in fact my one and only run) to 25k, or 15.5 miles and, for the first time in aaaages, I actually felt like I was running.  So the diet, and/or the training, must be working.  The route was the same as last week, but longer obviously, along the tarmac track that runs alongside the river Rhone.   I went through the 11k point 30 seconds faster than last week and finished quite well in a time of 2h 16m 43s.  This represents an average of 10.9 kph, or just under 5m 30s per k, or 8m 50s per mile, or 3h 51m marathon pace, depending upon your units.  🙂

Run and Walk graph, end Week 9

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