Tales of the Scales (Week 9)

So, today was ‘weigh in’ day and I have to say that I wasn’t hopeful.  I’d been checking my progress almost every day and the signs weren’t good.  Though this did make me more determined to stick to the plan and cut out any extra goodies.  Beer consumption plummeted to just the two cans all week (and these were after my long run last Tuesday), though wine consumption did increase slightly.

My target for this week was to get down to 75.7kg (or just under 167 lbs) and the scales hovered between 75.8 and 75.9 before settling on the lower figure.


So I didn’t quite make it and my graph is red. 😦


So my action for this week is to do a little more exercise in between my runs and hopefully that will make the difference.

As for training, I managed two runs last week:
– one of 21.1k (or 13.1 miles).  I started with the intention of running out along the Rhone riverside for 1 hour, then turning back for the 2nd hour.  On the way I got to thinking that, if I’m to run a maraton in sub-4 hours, then I should be able to do a Half in 2 hours.  So I was pleased to see that in the first hour I’d done 11k.  But, on my return, I struggled over the last 5k and finished the Half in 1h 59m 20s.  Although this might look quite good, there was absolutely no way that I could have done it all over again!!
– my second run was a gentle 8k up to Les Haudères and back to Evolène, which I have to say had a very positive effect on my legs for today’s 25k run… (which I’ll have to tell you about next week).

I also did a walk up to Les Haudères and back and I think this must be the first time in many a year that I’ve run more than my plan.  🙂


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