Walk from La Luette to Bramois

Although I should have been out running today, my legs didn’t feel like they’d recovered from my run last week.  So I decided to go for a longish walk lower down our valley from La Luette to Bramois, near Sion.  Underfoot conditions varied from ice to snow to fallen leaves and small stones, with one or two obstacles to overcome.

Spring must be in the air as I saw not one, but five, separate, Tortoiseshell butterflies (all too quick for me to get a picture) and a small lizard relaxing in the bright sunshine, (until I came along anyway, when it shot under a stone).





17 thoughts on “Walk from La Luette to Bramois

    • You get a different view of the valley from that side (obviously). But it does still go up and down a bit – about 450m of ascent according to my GPS. I also had to run to catch the 14:10, as otherwise I’d have to wait until 17:10 !


    • Yep! I heard a rustle of the leaves to my right (which was the uphill side at the time) and I stopped to see if I could see what it was. I moved slightly nearer, then it scampered under a rock. It was one of those small greenish ones, maybe 9″ long from the head to the tip of the tail. You see loads in the summer, but mid-February is quite early. I told you it was warm when the sun came out! 🙂

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