Less weight = run faster…

It’s a simple formula, right?  The less weight you carry the faster you should run (or the easier it should be to run further).  Well, at least that’s my logic.

For some time now I’ve realised my weight has been steadily increasing.  We all know the signs – abs (if I ever had any) disappearing and turning into a paunch, trousers too tight, etc. etc.  I know why of course.   For the past few months I’ve been over-indulging and not getting enough exercise.  Two runs this year (of about 9k / 5 miles each) do not constitute a fitness regime – especially with a marathon to run on April 9th…

One of the problems was that I had no idea how much weight I’d put on, as we have no bathroom scales.  That is, until last weekend when I bought some.  So this morning was the day of reckoning – and I weighed 77.7 kg or 171 lbs or 12st 3lbs.  This may not seem much to some, but my standard weight (when I was younger and more active and had scales available to measure) was 70 kg or 154 lbs or 11 stones.  So that’s an increase of about 10%, which is quite a lot to cart around a marathon.

So, in the hope that my logic is right, here’s the plan:  (I’m sharing this with you all to make sure I stick to it… )

I’m aiming to lose at least 0.1 kg per day between now and the 4th April*.  That’s about 5kg or 11 lbs in total.  However, ideally (and we all like stretch targets don’t we?) I’d like to lose 1kg or a little over 2 lbs per week, making 7kgs or 15.5 lbs in total.

How am I going to achieve this target?  Firstly, by cutting out that slice of toast for breakfast and biscuit(s) with my coffee in the morning, then no cake with afternoon tea and finally by reducing my evening beer/wine intake.  Plus, of course, I plan to get out there and do some more running!   Tomorrow, I’ll be in my old stomping ground of Vevey (where there’s no snow on the ground) and I’ll be doing a long(ish) run along the beautiful shores of Lac Léman (aka Lake Geneva to some).

*I will be updating this blog every Tuesday, from now until the 4th April, to let you know how it’s going.  Wish me luck!

As you may know, I don’t like to post anything without a picture, so here is a view of (the eastern end of) Lac Léman, taken from our old apartment in Mont Pèlerin.  Vevey and the Nestlé HQ are in the middle at the bottom, with Montreux towards the end of the lake on the left.



26 thoughts on “Less weight = run faster…

  1. You will be better off to run slower and at a steady pace. In that way, you can run longer and burn more calories. Running fast can also quickly exhaust you and it may cause injury too if you’re not uaed to ryunning at that speed.

    I wish you luck 🙂


    • Yes, I did wonder whether to head the post “…Run Further”. I’m afraid it’s a long time since I ran ‘fast’ and even intervals are not in my repertoire these days (though I have thought about it as there are some nice evenly spaced marker posts along the Rhone cycle path). I’m pretty much one paced now – i.e. slow ! 🙂

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  2. I’m on just about the same track so we can compare notes…I’m about 176’ish right now, on a good day and want to get as close as I can to 160 which was my PR marathon weight in Chicago…not easy when i’m surrounded by every Starbucks temptation imaginable at global coffee hq…but no beer, settle down now! best of luck mate…cheers!


  3. 7weeks to train for a marathon? Good luck with that! I’m guessing that you have done a few before and have a good baseline fitness? I haven’t ever done one so I’m no expert!!! However I can vouch for cutting out toast cake and alcohol as a weight loss method!!


    • Hi. Yes, I’ve done a few marathons before – though only 2 in the last 3 or 4 years. I seem to be getting away with a simple base of 4 or 5 long runs (and a lot of walking), but we’ll see how this one goes as I’m not getting any younger… It’s certainly not a recommended method for first timers!

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  4. Good luck! I’m also on a mission to lose 5 pounds by April. There’s still a lot of time, but it’s good to start now.
    And I have to disagree with Edmark. Some slow and steady runs are good, but some speed work really gets the metabolism going.


    • OK – good luck with your diet. I know speed work is good, but my ageing body only seems to have one pace at the moment – which is marathon pace! Maybe when I’m ‘slim’ again I’ll try some intervals along the river. It may kill me, but then nobody said training was easy! Cheers.

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      • Ha ha. Yes. Though you may surprised yourself! And speed doesn’t have to be 6mpm, just whatever gets your heart rate above 60% for 1-2 minute intervals… think about it 😉
        But also, do your thing and I look forward to the updates and cheering you on!


        • Well, having said that I was ‘one paced’, I tried to push the go faster button today, firstly for 500m (I was aiming for 1k until I realised it was uphill) and then again for 1km at the finish. I’ve yet to see if the difference was significant – but I’ll be posting something shortly. Many thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

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