Arolla to Les Haudères in the (soft) snow

As expected, the sun was shining brightly today, so it was an ideal day for Ian and I to do the walk from Arolla to Les Haudères.  Judith very kindly dropped us off at the Kurhaus Hotel and, from there, it’s pretty much downhill all the way back to La Gouille and then Les Haudères (where Judith picked us up again).

Although these pictures may look ‘cold’, the temperatures in the Valais region are unseasonably warm at the moment, at 4 or 5 degrees (at 2,000m altitude).  In Sion, down in the Rhone valley, it was 15 degrees.  Barmy I call it!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Arolla to Les Haudères in the (soft) snow

    • Honestly, it was warm… I only had on a T shirt and soft micro-fleecy top (as per the picture). They spray that rock with water to get that effect. Though, if you look towards the bottom of the picture, there’s a gap – so everything to the right is pure ice!

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