Merry Christmas everyone!

I guess many of you will not be having a white Christmas this year (like us in fact).  So I thought I’d dig out some old, snowy pictures for you to enjoy during this festive period.  All of the pictures below were taken somewhere in Switzerland.  One of them was taken in August and I’ll let you play a little family game and guess which one that might be.  (Maybe I should offer a prize and perform a draw like Paula at Neveradullbling.  If I get enough replies, I surely will.  🙂 )

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for following my posts throughout the year and wish you and your families a very, VERY happy Christmas and a blogful new year.   🙂

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a song.  So here is my offering – which was filmed in Saas Fee, in the Valais region of Switzerland.   Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Thanks Tammy. Merry christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family too. We had a very dull day yesterday (weatherwise), but the sun (and 10 degrees!) has returned today. It looks like it will be like that until the 2nd or 3rd when we might get some ‘light snow’… Amazingly, some of the Evolène ski runs are open today – though with artificial. It’s good weather for walkers though and I hope to get out over the next few days with our good friends, Arthur and Michelle, who arrive today. 🙂

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