Tsalet de La Cretta (Walk 17, adapted)

I think I owe you all an apology.  The weather in the Valais region of Switzerland has been wall to wall sunshine for the past 2 weeks, but I’ve not been out walking once.  Why?  Well,
a) I did go out running a few times (but not with my camera)
b) Jude and I have done a little Christmas shopping (but the Sion and Conthey shops are not THAT interesting to create a post) and
c) I’ve been scanning my dad’s hand-typed memoirs into digital form and then editing them.  We hope to turn it into a book sometime soon, though it’ll not go on general sale.

So today I decided to get some fresh air and did the short walk up from La Farquès to Tsalet de la Cretta, where there’s an interesting and quite photogenic group of buildings.   When I set off, the air temperature was hovering around the freezing point, so a lot of the water was still frozen.  I hope you also enjoy the walk via these images.




22 thoughts on “Tsalet de La Cretta (Walk 17, adapted)

  1. Lots of things to see! Do you usually start from home, or do you end up driving to a starting point? I think that’s super cool that you’re doing that with your father’s memoirs! I asked my mother to write stuff down before she passed, and she did, but I have yet to read all that she’s written yet.

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    • I sometimes go direct from home, (maybe 30% of the time), and on this occasion I could have done, but I was feeling a little lazy (not to mentin the climb to the start point was in the shade – brrr!) So I decided to drive up the road for maybe 3 or 4 miles (i.e. about 10 minutes), park up and go from there.
      I may yet publish the story of my dad’s memoirs (when it’s done) but suffice it to say that he started them aaaages ago (like in 1993!) and my younger brother had already scanned them into pdf form. So I found some (free) OCR software and turned them into Word documents. It’s still a time-consuming process going through them, as there are Returns at the end of most lines, some mis-read words and spelling errors, but it’s better than typing it all out again! 🙂

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