Beaches and Castellammare, Sicily, Italy (4 of 4)

It would be remiss of me not to mention the (many) fantastic beaches that can be found around the NW coast of Sicily.  The ones we discovered were mainly pebbly beaches, with the stones getting ever smaller towards the sea.  But this meant that the waters were crystal clear.  They can be very crowded in the summer, so I’d advise going out of the peak season and you may lucky, like us, and have them almost all to yourselves. 🙂

During the week we had been driving into Castellammare to eat each evening, so we had never seen it in the daylight.  We therefore stopped off on the way back to the airport to take some pictures of the beautiful harbour from the road above.

4 thoughts on “Beaches and Castellammare, Sicily, Italy (4 of 4)

    • Yes, it was a sort of last minute decision when we discovered the flights were less than 100 Swiss francs/dollars


      for the two of us. That butterfly had been trapped in the glass dining area of the B&B. I let it out, but it hung around almost posing for me as a way of saying thank you ! 🙂

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    • You’re very welcome. The sea was so clear it was amazing. Sadly our snorkelling gear was/is ‘lost’ somewhere in our squirreled away stuff in the chalet. So we didn’t get to see what was underneath the water. The previous day, that fisherman had actually offered us some of his fish. For 10 Euros we could have had a very hefty, maybe 20″ long fish, which looked a bit like a small tuna. We declined, as we had no way of cooking it! On that particular day, he was on his mobile (I think he was in the picture) and some guys came down to collect what was left of his catch. The rest had already been offloaded.

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