Salt Road and Erice, Sicily, Italy (3 of 4)

To the west of Sicily you will find the towns of Trapani and Marsala, which is famous for its wine.  We took a drive between the two, along what is known as the Salt Road, due to the salt flats which run along the coast.  We had seen some pictures of the area in the  B&B, showing huge piles of salt next to some windmills, so we figured it was a good place to take photographs.  After taking the usual shots, I experimented with the black & white and one point colour features of my Panasonic/Lumix DMC-TZ58 point and shoot camera.  (For info. almost all of my photos are taken with this camera).

Afterwards we drove up to the beautiful, historic village of Erice, which sits on the top Mount Erice at a height of around 750 metres or nearly 2,500 ft.  As you can imagine, there are magnificent views all around and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

4 thoughts on “Salt Road and Erice, Sicily, Italy (3 of 4)

  1. I enjoyed everyone of your photos, Mike. The old town of Erice, the bicyclist, the mountaintop vista — all so lovely. But it’s the old windmills with the red roofs that really grabbed me.


    • Thanks Jet, I’m glad you liked the photos. The cyclist just happened to come along and I was going to wait for him to return (as there was clearly nowhere for him to go) but then I thought he added to the picture. As mentioned in the post, (I think), pictures of the windmills were on the walls of our B&B, so we were inspired to go an see them ourselves. The piles of salt were HUGE!

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